Privacy policy

Last Updated: April 25th, 2022

The DEADPXLZ website is a web-based interface application accessible at (also referred to as the “Platform”) operated exclusively by DEADPXLZ.

This Privacy Policy sets out the terms of processing personal data within the Platform.

  1. PERSONAL DATA THAT DEADPXLZ PROCESSES. In order to enable you to use the Platform, DEADPXLZ will receive your public Cardano blockchain address (starting with “addr1”, the “Address”), and information about your transactions on the blockchain with the Address (“Transactions”), which, in certain circumstances, may be considered personal data. DEADPXLZ collects and process your Address when you connect your digital wallet to the Platform. When you make a Transaction to the Platform, we process information about such Transaction.
  2. HOW DEADPXLZ USES YOUR PERSONAL DATA. We use the Address and information about Transactions to enable you to use the Platform. The legal basis for processing your Address and information about your Transactions is the necessity for the performance of a contract between you and DEADPXLZ. The only mandatory personal data required for use within the Platform is already publicly available on the Cardano blockchain. In some case, when you choose to interact with third-party software, services or tools, your Address or certain information regarding your Transactions may be transferred to such third-party software, services or tools, respectively.
  3. PERSONAL DATA AND BLOCKCHAIN. Please kindly note that your Address and information on your Transactions will be used within the Cardano blockchain, which is out of DEADPXLZ' control. This means that due to the structure of the Cardano blockchain, certain data protection rights or abilities may be limited. It also means that your Address and information regarding your Transactions may be freely accessed by any person who has access to the Cardano blockchain. Please learn more about personal data and the blockchain on the official Cardano webpage,
  4. TRANSACTIONS ON THE PLATFORM. All transactions that you make on the Platform will be processed and validated by DEADPXLZ and then submitted onto the Cardano blockchain.