Sale #1

3,333 of 10,000 PXLZ Coming soon 🚨 How to prepare for the sale

3333 PXL NFTs will be available for purchase during the first DEADPXLZ pre-sale event which is set to take place after the DEADPXLZ minting policy becomes timelocked.

Once the sale has started, you will be able to purchase a PXL by sending a fixed amount of ADA to a wallet address. The exact amount and wallet address will be shown here, on this page once the sale kicks off.

Please only send out one transaction at a time using your Cardano Shelley-era wallet of choice - either Daedalus, Yoroi or AdaLite.

Sending ADA from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase will result in you losing your PXL forever & you will not be refunded.

Please allow some time to pass between the moment you submit the transaction & the moment you receive your PXL.

Once all 3333 PXLZ are booked, the sale event will end.

PXLZ will be sent out to the same wallet address that the transaction matching the asking price was submitted from.

Do not send lower or higher amounts of ADA per transaction as you will not receive a PXL in return.

If you want to get more than one PXL, you can send out multiple transactions matching the price one PXL.

All transactions up to 5 minutes after all 3333 PXLZ have depleted will be refunded so please make sure to follow DEADPXLZ on Twitter or join the Discord channel so you know you're up to date with everything regarding the sale.

You'll also be able to ask questions or troubleshoot potential issues in real time.

The PXLZ which are part of this sale will be sent out to their new owners in the same order they were bought. The transfer is not automated so please allow some time to pass between submitting the transaction & receiving your PXL.

Once you got your PXL, go & check how rare it is by searching for its unique ID via the 🔭 PXL EXPLORER or by using this very handy CHEAT SHEET.

All 10,000 PXLZ have already been minted.

In terms of scarcity, the PXLZ have been uniformly distributed among all 3 sale events so you have equal chances of bagging that Legendary or super rare collectible.

PXL price on the other hand will change between sale events so make sure you get in early.

Sale #2

3,333 of 10,000 PXLZ When?

After SALE #1 concludes

Sale #3

The rest When?

After SALE #2 concludes

⌛️ In the meantime...

Make sure & join the official DEADPXLZ channels to stay up to date with the latest news regarding sale events, ask questions & interact with the community:

Discord | Twitter | Github

You can also check out the PXLZ FAQ or USE CASES pages for a comprehensive DEADPXLZ guide or find out more about the backstory of this project by visiting the ABOUT page.

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