All PXLZ are essentially web pages. This means that they benefit from the versatility that a website has to offer.

They are the first html encoded NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. These are IPFS-hosted files & the only external resources that they use are also IPFS-hosted. This guarantees that their visual appearance, functionality & code can never be tampered with.

All PXLZ feature a set of assets that are meant to enhance the level of social interaction with the asset.

PXLZ + Social Media = ❤️

You could, for example share your PXL's direct IPFS link on Twitter & it will appear in the feed alongside its social card image & some info related to that specific token:

You can also use any of the en-vogue messaging apps like Discord or Telegram and you'd get the same result:

PXLZ are built to be social-friendly. This means that you can directly share the PXL URL (no marketplace or other 3rd party website required!) of your PXL on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook or any other messaging app or social space and its thumbnail along with its name & short description will pop up.

📱 PXLZ are apps that live on your phone!

Oh, there's that too! All PXLZ are Progressive Web Apps.

That essentially translates into this:

You can save your PXL as an app on your device (with icons that feature that exact PXL!) so that you can access it with just a tap!

This will display your PXL in full screen.

📱💻 PXLZ don't discriminate! You can do this regardless of your device or OS so all iOS, Android, Macs & PCs are welcome!

🌎 PXLZ everywhere!

Display it anywhere you like, interact and view their stats directly from IPFS (no 3rd party site required)!

As mentioned above, all PXLZ are essentially web pages hosted on IPFS built with HTML, CSS & vanilla JS. Due to this technical aspect, you can literally display them on any device which supports an internet browser without sacrificing quality.

And I mean ANY device! Smartwatches? Yep. Phones, tablets? Sure! TVs? 100%! The scoreboard of the NY Yankees stadium? Especially!

💥 Sky's the limit!

I'll continue to find and create cool ways to display your PXLZ (especially if you own more!) & will deliver these IPFS-hosted web templates alongside how-tos so that you can get the most out of your tokens!

Pitch in

Naturally, all suggestions with regards to PXL use cases are welcome: 📩 help@pxlz.org or on any of the official channels where you can also engage with the community & stay up to date with the upcoming sale events:

Discord | Twitter | Github

If you want to know the backstory of this project, visit the ABOUT page.

📱 Please rotate your device.